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Polylimnio, the paradise of Messinia

Polylimnio, the paradise of Messinia is found in the central part of the prefecture and near Haravgi village (approximately 34 km from the centre of Kalamata).

It is a truly dreamlike scenery with waterfalls and ponds surrounded by olive groves and vineyards, which will surely fascinate you. This natural paradise is created by the river Kadis, running between the sharp rocks of the gorge, and dropping into the lake surface from a height of 25 metres.

In the larger lakes that you will encounter in the area such as Kadi and Mavrolimna, you can enjoy (during summer) a refreshing dip in their crystal clear waters.

In the wider area there are wooden tables for picnics and bridges to facilitate access to the lakes.

Source: www.greekguide.com

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