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Archaelogical Sites

Ancient Messini:

Located in Ithomi Mountain, just 15 minutes by car from our hotel, there is the ancient city of Messini.

Take a walk around the vast archaeological site, which is still an active dig site, and see among others the Ancient theater, stadium and plenty other buildings.

Just before the entrance you should visit the Archaelogical Museum which presents findings from the recent excavations.

Nestor’s Palace:

40 minutes from Messini, just outside of the village Chora, you will find the Palace of King Nestor, famous for his wisdom even from Homer’s Illiad as he participated in the Trojan War.

It is considered the most well preserved Mycenaean Palace in Greece and is open to public again since June 2016.

Methoni’s Castle:

Just a few kilometers from Pylos there is a little village called Methoni.

You should not miss the chance to visit this beautiful site and its castle built by Venetians .

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