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Discover the beaches

There are endless, clean beaches along Messinian Bay, every which with its own distinct characteristics.

Sandy, rocky, with bars or isolated, there will be plenty options to satisfy your needs.

Enjoy the verified, clean beaches along the Messinian Bay.

Bouka Beach:

Just a couple of minutes -by car- away from Messini you will find Bouka, a sandy beach fully organized and awarded for its clean water.

Bouka Beach is ideal for families who need an accessible, sandy clean beach to relax.

Polylimnio Waterfalls:

Just 20 minutes away from our hotel, next to Haravgi village you will find Polylimnio waterfalls.

It is an excellent choice for travelers who enjoy nature and cold waters.

Explore the paths, find the numerous small lakes and waterfalls or try climbing around the helm.

Voidokoilia Beach:

Next to Pylos and only 40 minutes away from Messini, the infamous sandy golden beach of Voidokoilia will amaze the guest.

Not organized as it is part of the Gialova lagoon, an area protected under Natura 2000 (network of nature protection areas in the territory of the European Union).

It is highly picturesque, odd-shaped with blue-green water.

Avia – Mantineia:

Located in the villages along the shores after Kalamata you will be able to find a variety of beaches, mainly rocky, for all tastes.

Most of them are organized with many different places to have a snack and a drink as well.

If you are lucky enough you may find some well hidden, less known beaches as well.


If you decide to reach the shores of Eastern Mani you will find the famous Kalogria beach, a very well organized, sandy beach in the beautiful village of Stoupa after Kardamyli.

Combine your swim with a nice walk along those villages and enjoy local food and drinks.

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